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Plans and thoughts on 2019

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I admit that I’m not a busy blog poster, but here are some signs of me actually being alive and breathing..

Things are moving slowly for various reasons. Still recovering from work related stress symptoms puts a brake on most things. Things need to take time and things need to be prioritized. I do a lot of mindfulness training these days, and I’m happy to say it has a tremendous effect.

Writing and recording songs take a looong time. The album I’m working on now has songs that I started to write in 2015. I truly hope I can release this album in 2019, but if life decides it’s too ambitious..then it will probably be in 2020. You can expect an album with 8-9 songs, more towards easy listening fusion/rock with electric guitars (Fender Telecaster and Lodestone) as main tools.

It will as usual be published on all major streaming services, and some selected songs at Jango/RadioAirplay.

What else? I’m struggling with the idea of going YouTube. I’m totally uncomfortable with putting myself in front of a camera. I have some ideas on doing minor reviews or tips n tricks for gear and plugins, as well as odd guitar lessons on the stuff that no one else covers.

I also think a lot of doing songs and posts with more mindfulness elements. Mindfulness and meditation are probably one of the least explored tools for artists, and has the potential to take your playing and approach to music to new levels. I really want to share my experiences with the rest of the world.

Gear! Yes I’m addicted too, although due to a lot of mindfulness practicing I find myself less addicted to owning stuff. Still, I’m looking at buying a Steinberger Spirit headless guitar. Because it looks cool, it’s small, it has a locking tremolo, and at my age it’s really important with ergonomic gear.

Bye for now. Don’t forget to breathe..
Ola Löfvén


2017 starts with jazz

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Good Things Coming, jazz album by Ola Löfvén Good Things Coming, jazz album by Ola Löfvén By the time I´m writing this, my new album Good Things Coming is on it´s way to major digital streaming services. So it´s a jazz album? Yes, if you want to label it. Though, people may disagree if it´s real jazz or even which sub genre it belongs to. I think it might be easier to just call it a jazz influenced release. I´m not a copycat and I think thats apparent to everyone by now, but I can admit that certain influences steered some songs in various directions.

Orchestral parts with strings and brass can be heard in some songs, and that´s something I really love with Pat Metheny´s later works. The songs Lazy Days and Should Have Been There is probably the first signs of me really testing the dynamic range of my Hagstrom jazz guitar. Such dynamic playing is something that John Scofield is a true master of.

Is this now the path I have chosen for future releases? No. Music is the world, and even though I have my favourite places I want to explore the whole world. Will there be future releases that fits entirely in the jazz domain? I dont know, but I would surely expect so.

Good Things Coming is also my first attempt to lower the price tag, at least at CdBaby where it´s priced $6.99. Music consumers still suffer from overpriced music, a legacy from the "old days" when record companies ruled the world. And musicians now suffer from the same greed, as revenues from streaming is more an insult than income. I would like to see it all even out. Lower prices on downloads, and higher payout for streams.

Best whishes, and hope you enjoy the new album!

Ola Löfvén



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Summer is here. My studio got a real upgrade today as I got a brand new Fender American Special Telecaster. Realy love it..can´t understand that it´s so much cheaper than the Standard or Deluxe. I also got the Recabinet VST. Seems like the new axe, with the HT-Dist, is getting along very well with Recabinet and the other stuff. Next step is a cool synth, and I beleive it will be Camel Audio´s Alchemy.

Besides mowing lawn, fixing stuff, working, and generally challenging my blood pressure..I´m constantly working with stuff for a second album.

For now.

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